Heavy Duty Flexible Exhaust Bellow
2" Inlet / Outlet
8" Long [202mm]
Double Braid [Braided Inner]
PN# CF051-202B

Stainless Steel Flexible Bellow with Braided Inner Lining [flex joint/pipe] 051mm id x 165mm [6 1/2"] long [CF051-165B]


Heavy Duty Flexible Exhaust Bellow
2" Inlet / Outlet
6 1/2" Long [165mm]
Double Braid [Braided Inner]
PN# CF051-165B

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Flexible Exhaust Bellow [Flex Joint]
Extra Heavy Duty [Braided Flex Inner Lining]
Part Number CF051-165B
Length 6 1/2" [165mm] 
Inlet / Outlet 2" id [051mm]
Inlet Outlet 2" id [051mm]
Outside Diameter 0000" [0000mm] 
Material Stainless Steel
Note -

Flexible Bellows [flex pipes] are used on most exhaust systems specifically on front wheel drive cars to absorb east west engine movement. There also used on diesel exhaust systems to absorb engine vibration and help dramatically to reduce fatigue and cracking of exhaust pipes. The most common cause of failure is worn or damaged engine mounts, or damaged exhaust mounts so be sure to check before installing new part.

  • Premium Quality
  • Stainless Steel
  • Extra Heavy Duty
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Extra Heavy Duty Flexible Bellow
Flexible Exhaust Bellows

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