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Exhaust Gas Air Purifiers
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Exhaust Gas Purifiers
Application Universal
Part No. CSW3
Euro Rating 4/5
Inlet / Outlet 32mm to 50mm id 
made to order
Engine Displacement  0.0ltr to 1.3ltr
Body Diameter 102mm
Spigot Length 25mm
Overall Length 200mm
Substrate Metallic / Platinum

Exhaust Gas Air purifiers are suitable on internal combustion engines using unleaded petrol diesel, lpg. Commons applications include mining equipment, forklifts, emergency generators, stationary engines, trucks buses, used enclosed ares when emissions need to be lowered, factories, tunnels, quarries, ship holds, Airports.

2 Purifier should be fitted as close as possible to the engine either using clamps or flanges. Preferred method is using flanges [available] for easier removal and installation, but in some cases welding is the only option.

3 The catalyst in the purifier will remain active for many thousands of hours due to the high levels of precious metals loading. Occasional cleaning with hot soapy water and compressed air may be required to reduce carbon buildup.

4 The purifier housing is made from high quality 304 stainless steel to ensure durability, corrosion resistant and long life. The platinum catalyst is coated onto a robust metal substrate which is formed into a honeycomb cross section providing a large surface area for the gasses to pass.Robust construction of the housing protect the catalyst from vibrations and thermal stress.

5 Contact Us with your engine details including, make & model of your engine, turbo or non turbo, average engine rpm, and exhaust operation temperature if possible

  • Excellent Quality
  • Metal Substrate
  • Robust Construction
  • Universal Fit
  • High Flow Design
  • More Info Contact Us
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