Motorcycle Muffler / Silencer Repacking Kit High Quality Stainless Steel Wool [4mtrs Long] [FIBRE-S4]

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Motor Cycle Muffler / Silencer Repacking Kit
High Quality Stainless Steel [434 Grade]
4 Mtrs Long

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Exhaust System Muffler Packing
Repack Kit Stainless Steel Wool
Part Number Item Description
FIBRE-S2 stainless steel muffler packing
Grade #434
Length 4mtrs approx 200 grams
Width 102mm [4"] approx
Thickness 1cm [uncompressed]
Weight 200 grams [approx]
Note Note: 2mtrs will wrap 1mtr of perf tube

When repacking mufflers we normally wrap the perforated tube with stainless wool first then pack muffler with either fibreglass packing or basalt packing for hi temp applications. Wrapping the perforated tube with stainless wool prevents packing blowing out over time.

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