Ford Falcon BA-BF V8 5.4ltr 4 Valve XR8 & GT Redback / Wildcat Headers [WILD300 / RBH300]

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Redback / Wildcat Headers
Ford Falcon BA-BF XR8
5.4ltr Boss 260
PN# WILD300 / RBH300

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Wildcat Headers
Part No. WILD300
Gaskets reuse original
Application Ford BA-BF XR8
Engine 5.4ltr Boss 260
Pipe Sizes
Primary Secondary Outlet
1 5/8" 1 7/8" 2 1/2"
Notes Cut & Weld
Installation Tips
Lubricate threads with WD40 or similar
for easier removal and installation.
Reuse original gaskets
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Wildcat Headers / Extractors 
Wildcat Headers [by Genie]

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WILD300 / RBH300