Magnaflow Catalytic Converter
Metal Substrate
2 1/2" Inlet / Outlet
PN# CAT59906M

Magnaflow Universal High Flow Metal Catalytic Converter Spun Body 63mm id [2 1/2"] Inlet/Outlet [59906]

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Magnaflow Catalytic Converter
Metal Substrate
2 1/2" Inlet / Outlet
PN# CAT59906M

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Magnaflow Catalytic Converters
Universal Applications
Application Universal
Part No. CAT59906
Euro Rate euro 2
Inlet / Outlet 63mm [2 1/2"]
Body Diameter 102mm [4"]
Length 9" body 12" o/a
Substrate metal
Sensor Fitting no
Notes .

Various issues can cause early catalytic converter failure such as poor quality fuel, engine misfiring, engine overheating just to name a few. Ensure the cause of early falure has been rectified before installing new part.

  • Great Quality
  • Universal Applications
  • Ceramic  Substrate
  • Street Legal Euro 2
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