Pacemaker Headers
Ford Falcon EA-EB-ED-EF-EL-AU
Ford Falcon Ute XG-XH 
NA-NB-NC-NF-NL Fairlane 6cyl
PN# PH4499

Ford Falcon EA-EB-ED-EF-EL-AU & XR6 6cyl Pacemaker Headers [PH4499]


Pacemaker Headers
Ford Falcon EA-EB-ED-EF-EL-AU
Ford Falcon Ute XG-XH 
NA-NB-NC-NF-NL Fairlane 6cyl
PN# PH4499

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Pacemaker Headers
Part No. PH4499 [interferance design]
Gasket  DSF68  [see DSF068]
Application Falcon EA-EB-ED-EF-EL-AU inc XR6
Fairlane NA-NB-NC-ND-NF-NL
XG-XH Utes
Engine  6cyl  Manual & Automatic
Pipe Sizes
Primary Secondary Outlet
1 5/8"  1 7/8" 2 1/2"
Notes Coated in Pacemaker heat proof blue.
Installation Tips Lubricate threads with WD40 or similar
for easier removal and installation.
Direct fit high flow cat Available
  • Australian Made 
  • Mandrel Bent 
  • Australia Wide Delivery
  • Exhaust Sealant Available
  • Need Info Contact Us
Pacemaker Headers
Pacemaker Headers

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Mandrel Bend?

Pacemaker Headers are Mandrel bent, mandrel bending allows the tube to be bent, without altering its original shape and size, which in turn enhances flow and appearance. Some header manufacturers do not have access to this system while others mix and match mandrel bends with ordinary press bends. At PACEMAKER, every bend is a mandrel bend.

Pipe Over Cone?

Traditionally, header manufacturers welded protruding secondary and outlet pipes to manufacture headers. PACEMAKER developed the pipe over cone technology (copyright number 135712). All PACEMAKER headers are manufactured with the pipes flared and welded over the collector cone, so nothing protrudes inside the collector cone, therefore increasing exhaust gas flow and eliminating turbulence inside the exhaust header. The result is better gas flow and increased horsepower.

All Pipes Fitted Through the Flange?

There are two ways pipes can be welded to a flange. The correct way which is the way PACEMAKER headers are manufactured, is to have the pipe set through the flange, welded around the top to seal the pipe, mould the pipe to the correct size and shape and then finally, machining off the access. The other way is to simply butt weld the pipe onto the top of the flange. This may seem to be the easiest way of welding pipes to a flange but unfortunately, this means the flange port needs to be cut smaller than the pipe and not necessarily to the right size and shape to match the cylinder head.

A Quality Finish?

PACEMAKER, believe that the product should not only perform well but have a high quality finish too. Everything from the attention to detail of our designs to the clean appearance of our welding technique to the use of smoother mandrel bends and precision laser cut flanges all combine to help make PACEMAKER headers one of the highest quality headers on the market today. And to set them off, PACEMAKER headers are finished in a bright and attractive, specially developed blue heat proof coating that will last well into the header's life. There is more to the finish than meets the eye.


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