HiTech Headers

HiTech Headers

HiTech Headers

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Holden Astra 1984 to 1985 1.3ltr & 1.5ltr LB Shorty Headers [HTH032]

A$236.36 Buy Now

Holden Astra TR 1.8ltr & 2.0ltr 1996 to 1998 Hitech Headers [HTH020SS]

A$468.18 Buy Now

Holden Commodore VL 1986 to 1991 6cyl RB30 Hitech Headers [HTH154]

A$331.82 Buy Now

Holden Commodore VT-VX-VU-VY 3.8ltr V6 Hitech Headers [HTH117]

A$481.82 Buy Now

Holden Commodore VZ 3.6ltr Alloytec V6 Hitech Headers [HTH180SS]

A$604.55 Buy Now

Holden EH-HD-HR-HK-HT-HG 6cyl Red Motor Hitech Headers [HTH045]

A$254.55 Buy Now

Holden FX-FJ-FE-FC-FB-EK 6cyl Grey Motor Hitech Headers [HTH103]

A$250.00 Buy Now

Holden Rodeo 1987 to 1993 KB-KF 2.3ltr Hitech Headers [HTH094]

A$245.45 Buy Now

Honda Civic 1.6ltr D16A VTIR dohc vtec 1995 to 1999 Hitech Headers [HTH112]

A$322.73 Buy Now

Honda Integra 1.8ltr B18C2 dohc vtec 1993 to 2001 Exhaust Headers [HTH128]

A$322.73 Buy Now

Honda Prelude 2.0ltr B20A dohc 1987 to 1991 4WS Hitech Headers [HTH164SS]

A$522.73 Buy Now

Jeep Cherokee 1994 to 2002 4.0ltr efi Hitech Headers [HTH122SS]

A$577.27 Buy Now